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Posted on: 2020-08-01

Audio Title:  S3 English to improve your listening skills (Audio made by British Council)


Listen to Audio to improve your listening skills A Man: How did it go? Woman: Umm, I think it went quite well. I did a lot of research and prepared a lot. I was in there for ... I don't know ... half an hour? Man: And? What did they say? Woman: Nothing much. At the end I asked them, 'What happens now?', and the woman said, 'We'll call you back with news in three or four days.' Man: Really? Woman: Yeah, I think I've got the job. There weren't a lot of other people there. I was the only interview that day, you know? Man: Well, good luck with it. B Man: Anyway, you were saying ... Woman: Oh, yeah, um ... let's see. Yes, so I was in the museum and there were, I don't know, a hundred people waiting to get into the room. Finally, I got in, and I tried to see the Mona Lisa but I couldn't look at it. Man: Why not? Woman: Because the room was filled with people taking photographs of it! Man: Oh, right. Woman: Yes! And selfies. Man: Wait a minute. You can take photos while you're in there? Woman: Yes, but you can't use flash. I don't know ... Why do we take photos of everything we see when we travel? Man: I know. And we never look at the photos after. Woman: Exactly! I'm tired of always taking photos. I don't feel I'm enjoying things. C Man: Who took this? Woman: I can't remember. Hmmm ... Man: What am I doing? Woman: You're sitting on the sofa, watching TV and eating chocolates. Nothing changes! Man: Ha! Very funny. You look very young, though. Woman: I know. Look at my hair – it was so long! Man: Mine too, look at me! Hey … I think I know who took this photo. Woman: Umm … who? Was it Dad? Man: No, it wasn’t Dad or Mum. Do you remember Barry? Woman: No. Man: Yes, YES! You do remember. Barry, your boyfriend at high school. You were seventeen and he was sixteen and he was so very polite: 'Hello, I'm Barry. It's very nice to meet you ...' Woman: Stop it! He was nice. Man: Yeah, well, he took the photo. D Woman: Let's see. OK. I'm glad we could talk about this. It's not easy to say. Man: What? Woman: Well, you're not in our group – for the class project. Man: What do you mean? You know I'm always in a group with you. Woman: I know. It's just that this time … this time we made the group differently and because you were late ... Man: I see. You don't want me in the group? Woman: No, no. It isn't that. It's that we've already made the group, see? There's four of us already. Man: So? We can't be a group of five? Woman: Well, the teacher said four people per group. Man: Oh. Woman: It's not about you or your work or anything like that. It's ... errrr ... well, we already have the group. Man: So I have to find another group. Woman: I'm sorry.

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